Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Freakin Flyboys!!
How am i supposed to sleep with them showing up all the time. we took them out quickly but still.

Still can't reveal location but i was just in a place with a thing next to Echo and Butterfly. We may have been in a country. Hey i can't even tell you if i am on this planet so....

Fly on,



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My name is Sonar. I am sure that some of you may have heard of Maximum Ride and her flock- Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gazzy, and Angel (and Total and Akila). Well, Fang stared his own blog and I decided it was high time to start my own.

Indeed, there are more of us Avian Experiments,
Radar, Silence and Echo, were first. We were the first trial, the ones that got away. The scientists told everyone they had been terminated. They erased their records. They started over. They created Max(Actually, they were still at The School when Max was there...they were in separte sections and had no knowledge of the others). After Max there were plenty of others. There were ones that didn't make it past day one and there were some who survived until they died seven years later. Then there was me. Storm Butterfly and I are the only one's left from their trial. We are the newest ones and are slightly stonger than Max and her flock, but we don't compare to Radar or Silence. No one does, no one can.

Fish and NoAll were part of my original flock, but we are not sure if they are still alive. They disappeared during a fight and there was no trace of them. We still haven't been able to locate them and we think that they are dead at this point.

I spent most of my life in a similar situation to Max and the others . Only I escaped between tests and took Butterfly Storm and Echo with me. Echo was recaptured before and to see more of her story . But back to me. My wingspan is about 20 feet long. The underside is darker towards the bottom and fades up lighter. The outside shines like polished silver. My eyes are electric blue. I am mostly perfect with a little more than 2% avian DNA. I also have .5% eraser giving me fangs and a bit of a thirst for blood, oh well. My flock is safe and so are other avian experiments like Radar and Silence (more about them on echo's Blog.) but the scientists back at the school had better watch it. GO SONAR!!

Got to go

Fly on forever (sonar style)