Friday, October 3, 2008

To Sonar

Sonar...STOP thinking that you are faster than me! Because you AREN'T faster than ME! I was specially designed to be the fastest thing to ever exist! Every experiment created after Echo, Silence and me, were created with LESSER powers than us, if gifted with a power that we possessed, ours would still be superior! Its how we were MADE!

Time to Fly,
An annoyed Radar



Ask storm we both wanted to freakin die.....
and just think EVERYDAY she said EVERY FREAKIN DAY!!

Okay so girl was apparently being tickled.....Bus driver yelled... she got sent up to front of bus.....she introduced herself.... the she's like who are you.... and were like uhhhhhh.....and give our names...not real names....and then she starts going off about every random little detail of her freakin life....HUMAN LIVES ARE SO BORING!!!!!! but Storm and i are polite.... usually... so we just smiled nodded, then gave each other looks like i can't stand her.... then her crazy psycho friend came up too.... we sit in the front to avoid attention..... THEY ARE SO INSANE!!!!!!! and then she said she likes the front so she's going to up with us now.....GRAWR!!!Storm cheated and got off first...i thought it would look weird if i got off when she does so i stayed the extra three minutes WHICH WAS WORSE THAN DEATH!!!!! well...maybe not....

I love you Echo