Friday, June 6, 2008


It's Echo. Just wanted to say hi over here before I fly out. Radar, Sonar and I have some stuff to do tonight so...I don't know if anyone else is going to be posting. (Apparently, I have no life) Just kidding. My life is getting attacked by flyboys and getting caught by evil deranged it's actually really interesting.

I have some new stuff up, nothing about our life and how it's going at the moment. Just some old poems of mine that I dug up.

Hopefully, we'll be flyboy-free tonight because I really just want to have some fun. So far things are going good--nice place to stay, an abundance of food, flyboy-free, completely rested. Now it's time for FUN. Although I am sure that Max would totally disaprove of FUN because looked what happened at Disney for them. Wouldn't blame her.But we're going anyway. Can't tell you where though. (Hint: It's not on Mars.)

Well, off we go.

The one and only