Thursday, January 29, 2009

Some Details

Okay, so i "found" another laptop. but how i "found" it is ruining the entire story.

So, this new creature you heard about, well it is actually just i fused two rhomboids together with my lightning... very interesting to do. They are actually becoming easier to kill, you zap them then freeze them then zap again, and the extreme temperature changes messes them up real good.

Okay so i was in my hideout fighting and all of a sudden everything goes dark and i wake up strapped to a table in the school. thank god they were done doing whatever it was, so that i was unconscious for it. Anyway, then it went dark again, and i woke up in a very familiar place... my crate. AND YES! it is the same one i used to be in.... grrrr..... well it turns out i have been developing a new power since about the day before my capture... it is actually very useful and makes my world so much easier. but wait why does my head hurt so much, well.... i got a chip, basically the same kind as Storm. who is lucky enough to go to the moon... well Storm can control space right? well... i developed (am developing) TIME POWERS!!! nothing like a time turner, but i can stop it and start it as i please, but only if my strength allows it. which it why it took me so long to escape. they basically try to keep all of your strength down, but luckily they wanted to see how i have been doing and let me build up strength.... all i had to do was snap my fingers, time stopped and i got the h-e- double hockey sticks out of there.

So now i am back and i managed to hack their main frame and found some very interesting documents...
Basically they say:

I was MADE to destroy Radar, they wanted the perfects back in their clutches so bad, they designed more experiments to catch them. They say it is in my original "programming" but i am not a machine. they really suck at programming things then, but it does explain why Radar and i don't get along like best friends.

And we should also assume that storm was created for the same reason since we are basically the same time period of experiments. There are others like me, about four. i do not know if they are alive or not.

I also "filed" some papers saying that we are all dead, ALL of us and all of their computers have been crashed and i put a global lock on blogger from all of the schools so they can't read these anymore.

I love you Echo!

wow that was long

ps. OH right the laptop... well time powers and store