Thursday, November 24, 2011


I just screw up everything.

Alex unfriended me....
Kyle won't talk to me....
Chris won't talk to me....
My current boyfriend is probably thinking about breaking up with me...

I just can't fucking do relationships. What the hell. I suck at this.

Someone teach me how to do this. :'(
i feel like i over react to everything

i feel like i can't do anything right though

i just kinda feel like i'm losing the person i wanted to get closer and closer to =/

what the actual fuck

i might love him

but why should that stop me from loving you at all


what the hell

i just wanted one thing to work out for once
just one
but i can't even have a good relationship apparently.
i fucked this one up before i even met him.
what the hell.
i give the fuck up.

God Damnit

i'm sorry i loved someone
i'm sorry i showed someone 1000miles away everything i have.
i'm sorry i let him build me back up in life
he's my best friend
i've never met him
but i don't have to to know how much he cares

i'm sorry you made me feel like shit about all of it.

fuck this.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kissing Disease....

mono... of all the things that couldve been... this is so much better.
this will go away
this isn't an std
i'm so happy that it's only mono.
i was so scared. i was so so scared. i was sure it was gono. but it's not.
i'm so relieved.
it's amazing.
and now i'm going to take care of him til he's better. if i get sick in the process than so be it, as long as he's ok. i can't let him suffer anymore of this silly annoying std scares because of me. he's gonna be ok. and i'm glad =]

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

well fuck.

i hope everything isnt turning out how it looks