Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Some Stuff to Some People

Storm: THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! THOSE CARAMEL SHORTIES ARE THE BEST FREAKIN THINGS EVER!!!! I know Echo will agree with me.

Chaos: BYE!! but, don't go away forever....your comments are the most hilarious/ random things... and they are kinda cool-ish.

Echo: HI I LOVE YOU...and what do you think of Storm's cookie things

Radar: never mind i don't want to go there

Everyone else: i bet most of you are lost at this point....well me too.... i normally don't have a clue what i am talking about either soooooooo....whatever.

I think i passed my tests and stuff... in science( i had two periods of it) the survey took like four and a half .876508783993773490182 minutes.... and then we had OVER AN HOUR OF NOTHINGNESS TO DO!!!!!!!!! so we played around on the computers, i apparently am going to the movies on Saturday and am supposed to invite Echo.....we are going to go see eagle eye.....but i don't have the peoples' number and i don't know where or it probably won't happen....OH WELL!!!

Birdman's birthday was on Monday and since we have no human school tomorrow or Friday he is having a sleepover .... i hear storm might be going to one as well......and i have to go figure out his's going to be bigger than i am....Echo? do you have a refrigerator box i can borrow? hehehehehehehehehehehe



PS. radar wouldn't talk to storm next to me today....she is mostly maintaining her vow of silence....although she showed up at OUR lunch period and talked to Echo while she was right next to me...

PPS. VIRTUNA FOR SHADOW AND CYBER CARAMEL SHORTIES FOR EVERYONE ELSE (and Shadow if he wants them) (the cookies are compliments of storm) (that way you can all taste the awesomeness)