Saturday, June 28, 2008


Q: The love potion you made tastes terrible. How will you drink it?

A: Love potion? why would i need that, I HAVE ECHO!!! SHE IS THE LOVE OF MY LIFE!!! and well i don't know how to do that... or maybe i do. But i would just put twenty pounds of sugar in it. weird question. I LOVE ECHO!!!! duh



Fine... here are the details from what happened today.

We went to the movie theatre and got our tickets... then we got a LARGE cherry coke (that was the biggest mistake of the evening) and then went to see the movie. We sat down and just as the movie started... people walked up with a freakin phone out so they could see.... AND THEN SAT IN THE SAME ROW AS US!!! then spilled their popcorn and moved up a couple rows. so then the movie started and i put my arm around her... and then like halfway through the movie the talking bear said something and it was FREAKIN HILARIOUS!!! his voice cause neither of us has a clue what he said. and then reep-a-cheep the mouse dude was all like "you people have no imagination" cause people kept saying you are a mouse to him right before he killed them...

THEN: we went over to Max and Erma's for "lunch" we took like fifteen minutes to figure out what we wanted because we have very short attention spans (apparently) we split the fajitas... and when they brought it out..there was no chicken... apparently they like to bring it out seperatley...stupid... and then we bought the cookies.... OH!! and echo gave me a lucky turtle just like hers.

THERE!! are you happy now... any questions let me know

I LOVE YOU ECHO-today was awesome