Saturday, October 25, 2008

Some details (the ones i remember)

Okay so i will start towards the beginning....

so it was pretty fun(for a football game) i don't really care for football, since we are always moving around, and i was locked in a cage for (long time) i never got into it...... anyways back to the story-ish thing, so i had a party to go to, and echo was invited, but echo already called gemini to come pick her up since she can't fly out of there with 3000 people around (it wasprobably less but) and i walked her over to where gemini was, and said goodbye, i walked back and then i found out that my ex-gf was there..... it's okay though....we are okay friends now, i accidently kept hitting her with Apples to Apples cards (woops!)


Echo you tell them, you told ashley!


I don't remember every little detail because i was with echo for like FIVE HOURS! i can barley remember what i ate for breakfast, or did five minutes ago, so bare with me on this one
so got to echo's hideout, then went to the mall.... let's see we walked into the door next to the rita's (i swear i didn't plan that) and echo like drags me away which wasn't hard cause i didn't want any (i was cold and wet) it was puddle-y outside
then we pretty much went to the other side right away....two-part mall.....uhhh...all i remember is the mango smoothies, the purple mountain dew, and the store where echo




Today was awesome! YAY FOR SONAR! YAY FOR ECHO!!!

So Hmmm...... do i tell you people, NO! i let you wonder!

oh.... i never told anyone what happened after the dance, no i won't tell you that either..... and after the football game was kinda funny....but i won't tell you anything! Now anyways....later (if i am in a good mood)

I just have too many things to do now, ECHO WRITE YOUR PAPER SO YOU DON'T FAIL!!!!

it would take too long to explain everything so BYE!!!!