Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ooooh Pretty colors

Um. Yeah, I didn't know what to title it so....Oh by the way...this is Echo...not Sonar. I got bored and wanted to post on all the blogs that I am an author of. Which is quite a lot. I lost count how many blogs I can post on. Five are under my one e-mail, you know what with Celedae, Tilla, Lilac, Kiendra and myself sharing an e-mail.

Anyway, It's not Christmas anymore and I figured I should update the blog.
That and I haven't posted on here in FOREVER. Not that I need to post on Sonar's blog...I have many other options...I just FELT LIKE IT so HA. Deal with it.

I'm rambling and Ranting. Its a Ramble Rant. It happens.

I love you Sonar!



Thankyou. Bye bye now.
...hehehe...Sonar isn't the only one who can post in Sonar's World. lolol