Thursday, March 31, 2011

the pains in my chest keep coming back...

and it makes no sense.... just randomly my chest will be tight... and it'll be hard to breathe =/

anyway.... idk im lost in my thoughts, but wanted to post in my world.... i just needed to try and figure thoughs out right now...

In the things you write and the things you say and the impact you have on others, your impact transcends your own body.-zach

he meant other people
but i took it as the soul, what you do, and what you say, what you write, who you are impacts your soul.
its quite true either way, cuz it all also impacts other people. like those around you. whether you know it or not, the world around you is changed because of your presence. for better or for worse, but it would not be the same without you. and then itd just be weird.

i want to do something in this world
i want to change the world for the better.
i dont know how im going to do it, but i will.
i am going to change things, and it will make a difference.
i would love to change the rules of scouts, and allow gays.
we're people too.
what they dont know is that i'm gay, and in scouts.
the entire troop knows
it disrupts nothing.
i will change that.
it will be better for all people to be accepted.
if scouts is about serving your community, what does it matter what your sexuality is? if we are all just serving the community we live in, and bettering it... then why the hell does it matter if i think guys are cute?

the actual scouts, dont. care. trust me. and some of the parents know too, so i really do not see the issue here.

thats just one thing im going to change

im going to bring this world into a new era of peace and harmony. my soul will not be at rest until the world is at peace with itself.

i am going to bring the peace and the harmony. it can happen. why do we have to fight? i dont understand. sure we dont like each other, but why do we need to risk the lives of innocent people to fight against people, who dont even want us there. it doesnt make sense.

whatever. idk im in a really weird mood right now i really need to go to sleep.... so i think i will

night night