Friday, July 4, 2008

Ignore Radar

Hey everybody.... i just told Radar that she can't have them with us i am not a hypocrite.

Although Echo then suggested that if they grow wings...she can keep them. and oh all of a sudden NEW POWER!! Storm and Radar can mutate them...make them experiments.... and give them wings.... the flock size freakin tripled.

And then Radar had waaaaaaaaay too many so I wanted some..... and then they just started appearing around me.


Vyomesh would like me to tell all of you that I should have titled the "sonar's furry friends" post something including feathery because he isn't furry.... at all.

Yeah that's it.... he says he likes being a dad.... and his kids are all doing fine...they don't talk...he met a normal falcon.... and they all take after her.

Sonar loves Echo!!!

-Vyomesh and Sonar

New Question....

Q: When you spilled the milk, did it look like the moon?

A: well...i was just sitting there eating MY cookies...when Radar came in and knocked my milk over.... then i looked at it moon...MARS!!!

Sonar and his Otter

I FOUND AN OTTER!!!!! and it can fly..... with no wings..... so i definitely took this guy to my vet friend..... NO CHIPS OR ANYTHING!!!!! so ..... i am keeping him... and his name is BUBBLES!!!!

check it out.....