Monday, July 7, 2008


Echo will be fine...she can take care of herself. for as long as i have known Echo...she always gets herself out of situations, whether she put herself there or not...she will be back before the end of the week..last time i just had a faster plan...and one that the scientists weren't expecting...i sorta developed ice powers that day.... so i guess it really wasn't much of a plan.



Contact from Echo

Hey Echo contacted me using our telepathic connection before the scientists cut the connection off....She has been captured by the School....I don't know WHERE she is....but I DO know that she is in one of the Schools. She says that we shouldn't worry, she has a plan, but we won't be able to contact her....I hope that she actually has a plan and isn't just saying that....



Ok...We have a little problem....Ok a BIG problem...Nobody has seen or heard from Storm in awhile and just recently Echo, my sister, has disappeared...If any of you see one of them please let us know and tell them to call us so we know that they aren't dead!

....You'd think we'd have enough problems......