Saturday, December 3, 2011


Woke up at my boyfriends house today. He didnt touch me, kiss me, talk to me, look at me nothing.
I got out of bed, put on my pants, grabbed my phone off the windowsill and my hat off the bed. then put on my sweatshirt and coat. Said bye. and walked out the door.

now last night i went over to try and talk things out that were bothering me. and i thought it would be ok and that i'd feel better after talking things out.

apparently i was wrong.

i went over around midnight, and we talked til like 3am and i said i'd work on things and he said he's work on things. and then he got his laptop and ignored me. so i went to sleep.

i woke up to him on his laptop watching something. so obviously he was awake for a while. never touched me. never kissed me. never tried to cuddle. never looked at me. nothing. nothing at all.

after i left i got maybe 2 blocks down the road and just started crying. this is not ok.

i'm so miserable and i tried to make it better but i made it worse.

and he's mad i talked about him, he's mad that i'm so easily identified with my mohawk up. he doesn't like to be judged.

he's mad because of all these insecurities he just needs to buck up and ffucking face them. i'm sick of this shit. i really am.

i don't get it.