Friday, March 2, 2012

I just want some space

i asked him for 3 days of space since we broke up anyway and i just need to take some time to myself to relax and try and get him off my mind.
so he texts me every hour saying that we need to talk about this before i ignore him.  he's beyond clingy right now, and that's severely not okay with me.
i don't have a problem with not talking to him for a few days cuz i know he'll be there when it's over. and if he's not then it's something completely stupid to be upset about. i asked for space becaus ei'm being suffocated by someone i'm not even dating anymore.
we're not dating. we're just friends. just friends don't cuddle like that. just friends dont sleep shirtless together. just friends would stay up til who knows when talking and watching movies and stuff, yeah. but you want too much, and i want too much. and neither of us is going to let it happen so i need to just take space and time so i can try and make myself okay with just being friends. and honestly, this clingy shit is makiing it so much more difficult to be even friends with you.....