Thursday, October 16, 2008

blech... tomorrow

we have a pep rally for the homecoming game.... and dance saturday... the pep rally was pretty lame last year.... ya know the usual jocks, cheerleaders, parading around trying to get evryone psyched for the big game....and yet NO ONE CARES!!!!!

ya know that kinda stuff.... and i have a benchmark for history? that's new and unusual....we only had them for math last year..... and i have a french test..... on body parts and sports and how to say this or that hurts



So interesting day.... i guess.

math- eh its just math kinda boring

french- all we did was review... apparently i have a test tomorrow

history- watched Monty python and the holy grail

english- uh... i don't really remeber cause anything mr teacher person says is kinda boring and i don't remember it.

LUNCH- always intersting..... and some new kid sat at the table today..... and my one human friend came over (like always) and wrote the most random thing ever on Laila's notebook... it was funny though...

Intro to Graphic- working on new project of designing program planning guide cover.... the book that we pick courses out for next year

Science- did a worksheet BORING!

Gym- went into fitness center.... it was cold..sonar liked....although all the girls in my clas were like " OH MY GOD IT IS LIKE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TOTALY COLD IN HERE!!!!"
stupid people..... i can show them what cold really is.... but i won't.....except to maybe the annoying girl in envirothon.....anyways NEXT

ENVIROTHON!!!- Always interesting...but this time mrs teacher lady club person seperated the guys and the girls to do an acticity involving AQUA-tick OR-GAANisms aquatic organisms.... and sonar was not with echo.... BUT I BEAT BIRDMAN AT IDENTIFYING THINGS!!! Storm said it was the apocalypse.....

oh well..... Later People