Friday, June 27, 2008


So dude you are so confusing us... are you gay or aren't you. If yes please don't touch me... if not well still don't touch me (yeah paranoid about that). Yeah... well... i don't really care just don't look me up if you are... WEIRD TOPIC!! never thought i would have to discuss this.

My personal preference: if you couldn't tell... i am freakin straight (hello have a girlfriend). and well this is so weird to me... but whatever you like i guess you like... NO STALKING... don't stalk people. that is a rule stalkers are not allowed here... unless on a mission for a GOOD reason

I love you Echo...can't wait until tomorrow



Well we are going to the regal cinemas movie theatre in Oaks at 12:00 and seeing Prince Caspian... and then having lunch at Max and Erma's but we will be flying far away from there now and right afterwards....duh

That's all of the details i have now... and yes i actually told you EVERYTHING!!! we were just on the phone for like 2.5 hours... and like 2 yesterday trying to figure this out.

I.... lost train of thought so... nevermind



Advice Column?

maxriderules said...
Demanding? Sorry, but I gave some details from my date. It's your turn!

Thanks for the post! I think you guys are so cool. Ellen is comming home this afternoon I think. We might go to a movie tomorrow night, maybe dinner.

I don't know. Maybe if I have the courage to this time. Or maybe ifI keep the courage this time I will actually kiss her this time.

what do you think? will i be able to?

Gez. I am cconcerned about kissing my g/f and you are probably more wrapped up in battles with machines. I sound so selfish. But...even as ffolish as this seems...I need advice..I tried asking my sister and she wasn't much help. I need a guys opinion on what to do...

Fly on guys!
Sonar you ROCK, man.



dude... JUST DO IT!! she will love it... and echo and i haven't had time to go anywhere yet so there are no details to spill... but tomorrow there will be... i think... we don't even know what we're doing, but it may involve a movie and lunch. AND I GOT PAID so now i can take her out...and she isn't on a mission.. and neither am i.

ANYWAYS... back to Maxriderules... you should start a blog dude. And on what to do with ellen... sisters never help right( seen it go wrong sooooooo many times) (no offense to Echo and Silence)... so you and ellen... just kiss her. good luck.. hope you see this before you go. i honestly think you can do it... and no i am not just saying that... dude i would tell you. just like i keep insisting you are my favorite.. which is why i will actually tell you.

SO.... good luck.... hope i echo and i figure something out...and i hope that actually helped...if not ask me something more specific.




It had to be done

~Sorry Sonar, but I had to delete that comment.

To Anonymous

Mind you're own freakin business. It was really nice without losers like you showing up everyday. And I am NOT worthless. People like you are.

And watch your language. There are little people who read these you know...Like Jewel for instance, she's three and we really don't need people like you teaching her the f-bomb and other things.


Ps. I love you Sonar

Confused yet?

Alright Alright

I caved. I put the post back up even though Ray didn't really ASK me to...she kinda implied it (not so nicely though) . just kinda implied it.

Anyway, I don't really care.(If I did, I wouldn't have put it back) mwhahaha(don't know what the evil laugh was for....whatever)

And just to set to record straight. Sonar had nothing to do with it. It was all ME as is ECHO. He didn't know about it until I told him. So there.