Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sonar's Furry Friends

This is Ishan

These are both Vyomesh

Sorry about T.A.G. but he won't let me take his picture.....





HA!!!!!! I found a Snow Leopard.... I found him wandering around outside of the forest... he was screaming for his mother..... apparently i can speak to all animals. And hear them.... He was lost right outside of yellowstone.... but i have of course moved from there.... and i invited him to come with me.... he accepted right away... no question.... then i took him to my vet friend to be scanned.... like i did with tag and vyomesh.... THANKFULLY no chips or anything.... normal snow leopard... for now......

His name is Ishan (eeshaan) which means sun.

I Like him and i am keeping him.... so ha.
oh...and my picture thing at the top is Vyomesh...he is a dad now.



Echo's Wife

Hey Sonar!

I'm sorry to say that Echo forgot to tell you about her wife. Yes I said WIFE. It happened after we escaped from the school. Star is very nice and extremely devoted to Echo, its sweet actually. They look so cute together.

Time to Fly,