Sunday, June 29, 2008

Last things

All right...
First...i know i posted a lot in like the last hour.... deal with it.

Second... I love Echo

Third... Good night i will try to post tomorrow .. but ... no promises

Fourth... I love Echo

Fifth... Fly on sonar style... people

Sixth... I LOVE ECHO!!!!!

Seventh... don't forget to email me through Echo ... who ( if you couldn't tell ) I AM TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH!!!!!!!!!

Eighth... well i guess i don't have a number eight except maybe I lOvE eChO



HA PROOF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

just click here


Well... echo has agreed to forward me any e-mails she gets that involve me

if you put the subject as FOR SONAR or something like that... i will try to post answers/advice/ whatever on the blog... no names will be mentioned...

ALSO!!! if you write CONFIDENTIAL along with FOR SONAR then she won't read it either... just incase it is a guy only thing.

her e-mail thing is
i can't set up a second account... DON'T ASK!!!

I LOVE YOU ECHO..and thanx for doing this


T.A.G. should all know that I, Sonar, am a camp conselor... for the YMCA. We went to Dorney Park on Thursday.... and i "found" a pet squirrel... apparently animals and i have a mental connection... new power maybe... anyways... all of a sudden i hear a voice in my head and i look around and no one is there.... i look down and here is this squirrel... now normal i would have killed the thing (squirrels are evil) but something stopped me, so i thought back to whatever was in my head and then the squirrel jumped on my shoulder... now i had like eight kids with me at the time and they were wondering why there was a squirrel on my shoulder... and they decided they wanteed to name it.... Twisted (for the Hydra ride) Aqua ( cause at that point we were soaked) Gimpo ( like gimp the plastic string stuff because the other counselor with me is "the gimp queen") so... Twisted Aqua Gimpo is my new pet squirrel... and no he can't fly .......yet... and he thinks to me... but doesn't ever talk... go figure. So now the squirrel hater has a pet squirrel... sorry to all of those who love squirrels but Sonar has had bad experiences with them and I don't want to talk about it... missles... world.... fly to moon with stolen rockets from NASA. You know the basic squirrel stuff.





come say hi... questioningly (which if it wasn't, is now a word) so that if it isn't us you don't look stupid. and echo and i are very good at hiding our wings... and yes even her demented one.

OH and for those of you who want me to fill in any missing details about mine and Echo's love life................................. too bad

check out storm's blog for a little bit more detail... cause i ain't talikn...
yes, you can click on blog or storm's to go to her blog

AND!!! even if you don't care about mine and Echo's love life... check it out, she wants more people looking at it....




Here's a little game

Sonar, before we tell them, I want to see something.

To all of our wonderful readers.

If you think you saw us, tell us where you were and what the people you thought were us looked like.

I am DYING to know if anyone saw us or not. I think that would be funny/irionic

Just out of shear curiosity...

Anonymous said...
OMG OMG OMGWhat do you guys look like??I was at the movies yesterday TOO.We could have totally seen you and not known it! Imagine that...Bouncingoffthewalls


okay. I did my homework here and I researched ALL of the oaks movie theaters and I came up with

Oaks, CA
Oaks, KY
Oaks, LA
Oaks, MD
Oaks, MO
Oaks, MS
Oaks, NC
Oaks, OK
Oaks, OR
Oaks, PA
Oaks, TX

YOUR PICK on which one we were at.

Question for you guys though...

Were any of you actually LOOKING for us?

I LOVE SONAR!!!!! <3



So... here are what the backs of my wings actually look like... only brighter when i use my ice or lightning powers...