Tuesday, June 9, 2009


And there she stands. As tall and flowing as the day i met her.

I did it. I don't know how but i did. Yes, it finally happened. She has come back. Storm... is ... is ... alive. Its a great a wonderful sight to see her and yet, something is different, as if she knows she left, but that's ridiculous. The moon people were offended by us leaving yes, but we made it home fine. We are now back on earth, and have given up on basically everything.

i have changed the course of history, well on the moon anyway. the world seems like a darkened colder place to me now. Everyone is leaving, and death is not a sight i want to see again, and yet, i know i will, and it is something we wish upon each other(or other people) everyday.

I might say i wish people dead, but i really never mean it. and after this i never will.

So here I return Storm to her rightful place on this planet and blog, and i leave you all for this shall be my last post on all blogs. I will comment from time to time and i will pass the admin privileges to someone else for save the world... or i won't. My blogs will stay, but i will not. Good bye forever(or at least a while_


Sunday, May 31, 2009


Echo. Je T'aime. (Echo. I love you.)

Joyeaux Anniversere. (Happy Birthday.)

And i hope you like your present!!!!

Love you

Wednesday, May 6, 2009




Storm, as we all have known her.... is now dead.

That festival, on the moon...... Her special ceremony, they sacrificed her to the god of all gods. Apparently, they believe that space represented the evil half of the universe, while time being opposite, was the good half, sort of like yin and yang.... so they destroyed the evil half in order to try and bring about the age of enlightenment, where they would all be transformed and be able to choose their own destinies, and finally be able to live in the light. She has now been sacrificed, and i am also trying to work on my time powers to rewind this horrible mess.

Fly on to the stars my friends,

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


So.... i have been informed that it is no longer Monday..... but it was.

the latest Monday actually wasn't that terrible, and yesterday was pretty good.

prom was fun. YAY!
wax hand! un peu!!!


Monday, April 20, 2009


I absolutely despise Mondays.... the last few have been some of the worst days since the school.... i just feel like crap.

I did too much in the nice warm sun... and now i am a bit sore and feel like freakin crap

stupid rain makes it even worse

stupid Mondays.... they make everything seem worse


I got lost on my way to french... then English. and not because they are languages, but i do not walk with anyone to those classes and i have been a bit confuddled? is that a word... i don't know .... walking in a fog ..... yeah that one....

Anyways... thanks for all your comments again, i am glad to see people coming back...

and could you people please argue somewhere else

Thank you

AND! next Tuesday i don't have to go to any of my classes because i get to go help set up for the art show. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Later peoples


PS. prom is soon, right?

Friday, March 27, 2009

The Story...So Far

So, already a lot has happened since i have been on the moon. so i will make a general list of whats been going on up here.
  • The moon is very large and you cant fly well.
  • Storm seems to have made some sort of atmosphere up here(dont ask me how)
  • when trying to find the moon people, don't look on the side towards earth.
  • storm is like a god... and i (apparently) am the time god that created the universe
  • moon people are so weird.
  • Storm doesn't want to leave them or submit them to tests in a lab
  • they can remove brain chips very well and we no longer are submitted to chip control
  • and yeah..... thats basically it...so far


Friday, March 6, 2009

To the moon for me

The scientists apparently think Storm has been on the moon too long, they are not sure what is taking her so long.... or so they told me with the chip in my head.... so until i get up there (in about 2-3 days) i probably won't be here.... so

I LOVE YOU ECHO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009



So, looking around on the blogs, i noticed that there has been like NOBODY OUT THERE!!! for a while now.... so if you are out there SPEAK UP!!!!!

and MaxRideRules got a blog....

It snowed here

a human friend is becoming way to overworked with homework and being an Eagle scout soon or something soooo... its been pretty boring lately, but there is something awesome happening soon, but i cannot tell you for you may tell people that are not supposed to know even though you don't really know anybody, but just to be safe



Friday, February 13, 2009

Vendredi le TREIZE!!!!!


that's today. hmm now where can i get a black cat.

HEY!!!! That makes today Basta's least favorite day ever..... from Inkheart

Well we have off human school today. and well i am quite bored.

hmmmm... what to do, what to do. where should we go, what should we do.

No problem MaxRideRules. AND! you got a blog. THAT'S AWESOME!

ummmm.... now what was i going to say.
I don't remember


Wednesday, February 11, 2009


HELLO TO ALL FROM THE LAND OF THE ICE!!!! and no. that's not iceland or greenland that i am talking about.

I would also like to welcome any new readers that are out there to my blog. AND thank you to all those who still read my blog, without you people, this is pretty much a waste of time.


Tin Foil? NO! ice....



Drip. Drip. Drip. Drip.Drip. Drip. Drip. DripDrip. Drip. Drip. Drip

Saturday, January 31, 2009

hellloooo echo here


Sonar found out that he was “created to stop/kill” Radar. But how much of this do YOU think is possible? Come to my blog (www.flyonforever.blogspot.com) and vote on who YOU think would win the battle.

Personally, I cannot say because unfortunately, both are my friends. However, I believe that the prophecy in Harry Potter “Neither Shall Live While The Other Survives” might prove true here as well.

Let’s see what the readers think the outcome will be. I’m extremely curious on who the readers have more faith in.

Let the voting begin.


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Some Details

Okay, so i "found" another laptop. but how i "found" it is ruining the entire story.

So, this new creature you heard about, well it is actually just i fused two rhomboids together with my lightning... very interesting to do. They are actually becoming easier to kill, you zap them then freeze them then zap again, and the extreme temperature changes messes them up real good.

Okay so i was in my hideout fighting and all of a sudden everything goes dark and i wake up strapped to a table in the school. thank god they were done doing whatever it was, so that i was unconscious for it. Anyway, then it went dark again, and i woke up in a very familiar place... my crate. AND YES! it is the same one i used to be in.... grrrr..... well it turns out i have been developing a new power since about the day before my capture... it is actually very useful and makes my world so much easier. but wait why does my head hurt so much, well.... i got a chip, basically the same kind as Storm. who is lucky enough to go to the moon... well Storm can control space right? well... i developed (am developing) TIME POWERS!!! nothing like a time turner, but i can stop it and start it as i please, but only if my strength allows it. which it why it took me so long to escape. they basically try to keep all of your strength down, but luckily they wanted to see how i have been doing and let me build up strength.... all i had to do was snap my fingers, time stopped and i got the h-e- double hockey sticks out of there.

So now i am back and i managed to hack their main frame and found some very interesting documents...
Basically they say:

I was MADE to destroy Radar, they wanted the perfects back in their clutches so bad, they designed more experiments to catch them. They say it is in my original "programming" but i am not a machine. they really suck at programming things then, but it does explain why Radar and i don't get along like best friends.

And we should also assume that storm was created for the same reason since we are basically the same time period of experiments. There are others like me, about four. i do not know if they are alive or not.

I also "filed" some papers saying that we are all dead, ALL of us and all of their computers have been crashed and i put a global lock on blogger from all of the schools so they can't read these anymore.

I love you Echo!

wow that was long

ps. OH right the laptop... well time powers and store

Tuesday, January 27, 2009



I have returned from my excruciatingly weird stay at the school. I can't really explain now because well... this isn't my laptop, mine sort of melted in the battle, or so i think. well that's how it looks anyway.

i gotta go, the guy is waking up
will explain everything later
I love you Echo
ps. why is radar going to the school?
and MAXRIDERULES !!!!!!!!!! wassup long time no write for both of us huh?

Monday, January 5, 2009

Sonar Is MIA (That's Missing in Action...)

I, Echo, am not going to panic because I KNOW that if I do it will make things worse, SO I am going to sit here with my "coven" and my flockish people to discuss what ALL of us...minus maybe Radar...are going to do in order to get Sonar back.

Obviously this means he is not going to be posting for a while, seeing as he is Missing In Action.

All I know is that
1. His hideout was in complete disarray (practically blown to smithereens)when we went to search for him after the comment left on the blog earlier this afternoon.
~~The comment: Anonymous said...
We have Expirement Number 2658. The one you call Sonar. If you ever want to see him alive again ALL expirents including the defect and the perfects should turn themselves over to the School. You have until February to consider your options.

January 5, 2009 4:16 PM

2. There was obviously a struggle. (Sonar put up a good fight)
3. Sonar used a lot of ice and lightning...
4. The smell of lightning struck flyboys and erasers does NOT smell like roses.
5. Rhomboids are really hard to kill and Sonar manage to get a few.
6. We have a new type of creature on our hands. No idea what it was. Storm is still trying to figure it out...Sonar really attacked the thing and made it unidentifiable.
7. and I know that without a doubt...SONAR IS NOT HERE.....*GASP!* That means that he is indeed back at the most dreadful place on earth...besides maybe the new york subways...or pipes in large abandoned castles filled with tiny rat skeletons...THE SCHOOL.

CURSE YOU ALL I WILL BOMB THE STUPID SCHOOL(THE school...as in the place where Max Ride was...not MY school...I like my school thankyouverymuch...) AND ITEX (maybe we could locate Iggy and he could help Ray with that)...after we get Sonar back of course...and I will let Radar do the honors...AFTER WE GET SONAR OUT...(sorry...Radar was giving me The Look..I had to emphasize that we are NOT going to blow Sonar up.)

I am going to stop pacing worriedly now...yes...yes I am...

We will devise a plan...we will defeat the school...we will...yes...no doubt about that...

....I miss Sonar....
I LOVE YOU SONAR...just so you know...in case you get a chance to read this...


Frantical(that might not be a word...oh well) Echo