Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's times like these...

when you know who your true friends are....
then you realize you dont have any
and that you are destined to be alone.... because everyone is better off without you and without your meddling
im sick of this
i feel like shit all the time
and now im losing my friends... all of them... they all have someone better to be with, something better to do, someone more important.... and im just left with nothingness. the dark abysmal realm inside of my own skull is where i now reside.
my "friends" dont even talk to me anymore. who fucking cares anyway.....
i got a mohawk... my mom hates it, she hates that im gay, she hates me, she's pretty much given up on me, and that really fucking sucks. and i am so sick of feeling like im not good enough for anyone. im not happy anymore and nobody even fucking cares.

depression sets in and this is the only place left i can truly write what i think and what i feel. tumblr is too full of people i know, facebook... HA thats for your masks to show. just be happy all the time.... FUCK THAT!!

i need out. i need away. i can't be here any longer. its time to leave, it's time to go.... i need to leave. get me out of here. i cant stand being here anymore

i just want to run, start my life over, and begin anew. its not like anyone would fucking miss me anyway. not like anyone would fucking know either. i could easily remove myself from the world with nobody noticing my dissappearance... nobody texts me first anyway... nobody gives a fuck about what happens to me.

well my mother thinks i do drugs, and drink, and smoke, and im just this overall bad kid. WELL YA KNOW FUCKING WHAT!! I DON'T DO ANY OF THAT SHIT!!!!!! but if you think i do... i should probably just fucking start.... because then you have reason to hate me like you do..... and then you can get me "help" for the problems i actually have as opposed to JUST FUCKING HATING ME AND ASSUMING THE WORST!!!!

im done with this world.