Friday, October 17, 2008


Was actually a lot better than expected......

Math- still boring....before and during math i got yelled at by lots of people for wearing red.... but echo like my red sweatshirt

french- easy test

history- easy benchmark....we got to compare answers with people and use our notes, and he gave us four answers

english- soooooooooooo boring

LUNCH- the ever interesting lunch...... new people always appear randomly....

Intro to graphic- I got to walk around the school randomly with a camera and take pictures all period long

science- hehe all we did was color..... and mess around...and i took more pictures

STUPID DRIVERS ED- was bearable today. THANK YOU PEP RALLY! we had a pep rally and all the sports people left...apparently my drivers ed class is like 90% sportsy people....a there were like five or six of us left... so he said just hand in your papers..... and then we just sat there and hung out

Pep rally- i don't feel very peppy..... it was kinda lame.... but i got some awesome shots for my Intro to graphic project

Tonight- is the homecoming football game( the only football game i actually go to) and Echo is going.... she thinks.... and then i am going to a party at my human friends house ( she call me her brother...i don't know why) sooooooo..... Bye

Later People( and yes i do know i just said bye.... i don't care