Sunday, May 29, 2011

Boyfriend... wait... what?

HELLZ YEAH BITCHEZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

he asked me out last saturday.. but i wasnt sure. so we spent the past week getting to know each other better.
he came over yesterday. and it was so much fun. we walked up and down the creek. through it. just talking and walking. and then we were walking and saw a baby deer. just sleeping in the grass. like no big deal, not a care in the world. it was so cute and so precious <3
so yeah. then we kept walking. and since he asked me out last week this entire time i'm trying to work up the nerve to just be like sooo... i wanna go out with you. but it took me forever. and we were almost back. and i was just like... sooo if you still want to... do you wanna go out with me?
and he said yes. and now he's my boyfriend and he's amazing. and then we kept walking and then i kissed him when we were almost back.
and then i built a fire and my friends jeff and jess came over and yeah. =] i'm all happy and life is good.

peace and love <3