Monday, January 5, 2009

Sonar Is MIA (That's Missing in Action...)

I, Echo, am not going to panic because I KNOW that if I do it will make things worse, SO I am going to sit here with my "coven" and my flockish people to discuss what ALL of us...minus maybe Radar...are going to do in order to get Sonar back.

Obviously this means he is not going to be posting for a while, seeing as he is Missing In Action.

All I know is that
1. His hideout was in complete disarray (practically blown to smithereens)when we went to search for him after the comment left on the blog earlier this afternoon.
~~The comment: Anonymous said...
We have Expirement Number 2658. The one you call Sonar. If you ever want to see him alive again ALL expirents including the defect and the perfects should turn themselves over to the School. You have until February to consider your options.

January 5, 2009 4:16 PM

2. There was obviously a struggle. (Sonar put up a good fight)
3. Sonar used a lot of ice and lightning...
4. The smell of lightning struck flyboys and erasers does NOT smell like roses.
5. Rhomboids are really hard to kill and Sonar manage to get a few.
6. We have a new type of creature on our hands. No idea what it was. Storm is still trying to figure it out...Sonar really attacked the thing and made it unidentifiable.
7. and I know that without a doubt...SONAR IS NOT HERE.....*GASP!* That means that he is indeed back at the most dreadful place on earth...besides maybe the new york subways...or pipes in large abandoned castles filled with tiny rat skeletons...THE SCHOOL.

CURSE YOU ALL I WILL BOMB THE STUPID SCHOOL(THE in the place where Max Ride was...not MY school...I like my school thankyouverymuch...) AND ITEX (maybe we could locate Iggy and he could help Ray with that)...after we get Sonar back of course...and I will let Radar do the honors...AFTER WE GET SONAR OUT...(sorry...Radar was giving me The Look..I had to emphasize that we are NOT going to blow Sonar up.)

I am going to stop pacing worriedly now...yes...yes I am...

We will devise a plan...we will defeat the school...we doubt about that...

....I miss Sonar....
I LOVE YOU SONAR...just so you case you get a chance to read this...


Frantical(that might not be a word...oh well) Echo