Wednesday, December 21, 2011

and it all falls apart.

skyped with stephen.
such a mistake.
i feel like i dont respect myself at all.
i just give myself up to whoever's watching.
i hate it
i hate that it was him
he caused me so much hurt
and now just looks at me for sexual pleasure
i  hate it.

then my dad left.
he was drunk as fuck.
screamed fuck you get out of my life
and drove off in the mustang.
he just got back.... and i hate it
i hate this
i hate how awful life is becoming with this

i think i might actually like chris.
he's just so sweet, and idk.
and i know i love kyle. i know i do. and no matter what i do i'm going to hurt him. i can see that already.

so fuck it all

god damn it.