Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sup everyone?

Sup! The name's Radar!
I'm Echo's bff, partner in crime and former flock leader. I am also the third experiment made. Echo being the first and her twin brother Silence the second. Cool huh? Yup! BUT Echo is kinda of a defect, while me and her bro are perrrrrfect^^ but i'm the most perfect thank you very much. I'll post here on and off but i have my own blog.
Oh and before i sign off, my flock is made up of me, Silence, Jewel, and Sonar's former flockmates (Storm, Fish, and Noall)
Well fly on!

Eraserified Sonar Now Speaking

Ello evreboday!

I am thay eraserified sonaar.

-enough with the accent already-

shut up sonar it is my turn

i am part of sonar and yet not. as you can probably tell we do communicate. i am like max's voice only for sonar and he is not crazy because i control the body .5% of the time. i don't attack anyone.... unless you count scientists then i am a blood thirsty fool ready to destroy at a moments notice, which is typically when i get to pop in.



Sonar's Poem


Without air
Without care
I spread my arms
I swim away
Rock ahead
Just me, Just water
My flock
With Echo
Mostly alone,
completely armed
The still water
splashing around us


Alright alright, so it is a big copy of Echo's; get over it. Mine is water because i like to swim( you didn't know that? guess what, now ya do)Echo LOVES to fly even with her wing annoying her.
Poor Echo.
One day I will find a way to fix that Echo. don't worry.
sorry eraser part wanted to speak.

Fly on (Sonar style)


Look what Echo did!!!!


Without fear
Without care
I spread my wings
I fly away
Everything ahead
Nothing left behind
Just me, Just air
My flock
Without anyone
Alone, unarmed
The still night
air surrounds us

- The one and only Echo

Fly on ( sonar style)


Mars is Bright tonight

Yeah, we're on Mars at the moment, because you know the reception for the laptop is AMAZING up here!

I will be updating my profile so check it out.


Lots of love,

The one and only
Echo <3