Thursday, August 28, 2008


hmmmm.... school..... ugh.....
here is my day

1-hon precalc - my teacher is sooooo weird and I don't really have any friends in my class

2- hon French 3 - she is pretty good...especially compared to last year's teacher.... but I do have friends in this class...and my teacher is leaving for six weeks to help her daughter in Georgia

3-euro stud prep - this guy made me give a speech today!!! grrr... I hate public speaking....FRIENDS...a couple anyways

4-5 eng 10 prep - I liked my teacher last year waaaaaaay better.... this guy is so boring!

6 LUNCH- with Echo and without radar or storm.... PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7-8 intro to graphic design - this is like learning about special computer programs and designing like web things.... it seems like a lot of fun...and my teacher is pretty cool

9- Hon Biology - this lady is so freakin organized it's not even funny.... she is going to hate my binders and backpack! :) she is very sarcastic too

10- driver ed/gym/science lab- we use a letter day system thing so I switch classes depending on what day it is.... I HATE MY GYM TEACHER!!! HE IS THE MEANEST TEACHER I HAVE EVER HAD!!! oh and I didn't have driver ed yet so.... I don't know what it's like




Apparently not...

And I'm HAPPY you're not in my lunch! SO HA!!!
I'll nag you on the BUS!