Monday, December 8, 2008



Okay he's only a virtual one.... as you can probably see Icy is now on the sidebar


over there
if you click on him a couple times, he falls in the water.... so don't click on him.

Hey ECHO!!!!! he's got better balance than us!!!! it takes him four times before he falls.... for us we just have to think about it..... actually no we don't even have to think about it before we fall over

Love you Echo!


Long time no type..... well not much going on.

Tests -stupid
Clubs- not stupid
homework- extra stupid
projects- stupid
coca cola- not stupid
math- stupidish
french- stupid
history- ... no comment
english- stupid
intro to graphic design- not stupid
science- eh... it's science
driver's ed- super double extra stupid
gym- stupid

yeah a lot of stupid stuff in my life...
Echo- Definitely not stupid
Storm- no stupid
Other non-named peoples- some stupid; some not

AND I AM NOT CANADIAN!!! or vermontish
and i did not jump the fence and immigrate illegally from Canada.... this time.
and storm... well she may have illegally immigrated from England... but my people are still looking into it..... and by people i mean vyomesh and bubbles, and tag well he's a whole other story..... Ishan is just kinda in the corner curled up like a sleepy little leopard should be...

I love you Echo

ps GAHH!! my head still hurts