Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thankful I am

I am thankful for a ton of stuff....... like ummmmmmm

the world....and it still being here despite all the miserable things people are doing to it

an oven to cook delicious food in
delicious food to be deliciousful on the table for me to eat

pineapple stuffing with 1.5 pounds of butter

and the turkey who gave its life for me to enjoy it

now onto people.....ish

Storm- thanks for making me all that food that you make, like caramel shorties
Radar- I am actually thankful of radar even though she conveniently left me out of her lists....... she made me meet echo..... i think. it is more likely storm though........
Readers/commenty people- Thanks for always (most of the time) being here...... well i don't really know what i'm trying to say but thanks anyways
Hobit- hahahahahaha echo will get this...... for wanting to go to the movies so much it drove us all insane and to doing something completely randomly fun (and yes i know hobbit is spelled wrong)

ECHO!!!!!!!!- ummmm....what to say...... there's so much.... so i will pick some goes
You rock, a lot. and thanks for always being there and always trying to be free when you can so we can do stuff..... i am thankful that you always are free when we plan to do stuff..... i am also thankful for your smile that lights up my world...... and .....well.... for just being you.... I LOVE YOU ECHO!!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!