Saturday, August 11, 2012

Butter and Baby Otter

so. i went down to philly to visit zack on thursday after work. i got down there around 6:30, and he met me at the train station. it was really nice to see him and hug him in person again. and kiss him in person. as much as i love the skype kisses... the real kisses with him are just amazing.
so then we walked back to his place and then we cuddled and started watching up in the air, which turned into making out. then we tried to order food, but the pizza place messed up so zacky made me a ham sandwich with mustard and it was delicious and i was super happy he made it for me. so then we cuddled and fell asleep together. then we woke up and totally started fooling around which ended up going all the way. and it was absolutely beautiful, and i really really like him. so then we decided we were hungry after we showered so we went to this amazing vegetarian food cart called the magic carpet across from starbucks, and then we got starbucks and sat there and talked and ate. Then the rain stopped and we went walking in the city. we walked all over the place and we got free freeze pops, and went in the appled store, and then the knock off apple store, and then we walked around the shopping places, then the art district and it was really pretty, and i love the artsy parts of the city. then we got some gelato at capogiro... or somethin like that. and he made me so happy all day long. he's just so sweet and beautiful, and always has lots to say and i really enjoy listening to him. so after gelato we went back to his place and cuddled and watched coraline. creepy movie, but i loved cuddling with him to watch it. and we actually watched the whole movie that time. and he's amazing and super special and i wish i could see him again before the end of september. but the best things in life are worth waiting for, because he's going to be back at the end of september =] and i really can't wait to see him again.