Saturday, August 25, 2012

Love is... who the fuck knows

I always think i fall in love with people. I never really do, but i always seem to think so.
But i've come to realize when i think i like someone, i like what they have to offer more than i seem to care about them. I like how outgoing they are, or how much of something they know. I like new and different. not necessarily them.
it just always seems to fade so fast, and they say when you love someone you never really stop loving them. and i seem to stop loving a lot. it's just a case of love and lust confused i guess. and the lust wears off and i dont wanna be with them anymore then it gets awkward and things go weird.
but there are a few people in this world i do love. i'd give my life for theirs anyday a thousand times over. i hate seeing them unhappy and i always want to be there for them. Paris you're definitely one of them.
and mike i love him to death, mike martini that is.
and then i get super protective sometimes over certain people and i dont know why. it happened this summer at the y with a few of the kids, one in particular. he's had it pretty rough, sorta. but i love him like he's my own little brother, only more... almost like he was my own kid. and it's super awesome.
i just wish i could find that feeling in a guy. a place where i feel safe in their arms, and nothing could hurt it, and i don't want to hurt them, and i end up putting them first. i want to love someone and be loved as equally in return.

and... this has been a rant... yeah