Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I have learned some things today that i feel you should all know.

  • Echo does not need mountain dew first thing in the morning
  • If echo does get mountain dew first thing in the morning.... look out
  • People can be really stupid
  • "He's smart because he reads the math book" really isn't all that funny... especially the thirtieth time you hear it
  • my double advanced math class is full of idiots
  • Se rappeller does not mean to rappel oneself.... it means to remember
  • My history teacher hates my class... because it is once again full of idiots.....not as bad as Storm's though..... i understand that class is dreadful
  • English is really boring ........
  • i don't like having my hair molested
  • Ashley is weird
  • Echo is weird
  • laila is weird
  • random people that sit at our table.... weird
  • i wish drivers ed went as fast as graphic design.... or vice versa
  • science is really weird when you have the teacher i do

That's about it....

I LOVE ECHO!!!!!!!!!